Bin Type Better Practices

Bin Type Better Practices

Select bins for either outdoor or indoor, permanent or temporary use. Outdoor bins must withstand inclement weather conditions like sun, rain, sleet, snow and wind and be sturdy enough to resist vandalism or unauthorized removal. Read More

The looks of a bin can attract or repel users. Cues like visual appeal, cleanliness, insects and attractive signage associated with the bin will impact a user’s decision to participate or not. Read More

The potential for vandalism must be addressed when deciding on the type of public space bin to use. Review the location, lighting and vulnerability to vandalism/removal when selecting bins. Read More

The size and shape of bin opening requires three questions to be addressed: what material will be recycled, how the bin will be used and where the bin will be located. Different shaped openings can act as visual cues for users. Read More

Selecting the right size of bin will depend on several factors including: usage, space limitations and collection schedule. Read More