Glass Cleanup System

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Niagara Region proposes to install a glass cleanup system to clean up to 3,000 tonnes of recovered glass product to a level suitable for feedstock for a glass crushing mill that produces glass shot for the sandblasting industry.  The system will cost $225,000 and will result in a revenue of $84,000 annually compared to current glass disposal costs of $45,360 per year.  Other municipalities may wish to use this technology, if successful, to develop alternative glass re-use systems including manufacture of aggregate and as a sand replacement.

Documents Final Report: Glass Clean-Up System
Blog Post July 21, 2016: Niagara Continues to Show Leadership in Addressing Problematic Materials

May 30, 2017: CIF Continues to Assist Municipalities with Solutions to Recover Problematic Materials

September 3, 2020: Recycled glass sand used for stormwater management

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Project # 821.32
Proponent Niagara, Region of
CIF Funding $97,538
Date Approved October 1, 2013
Date Completed August 30, 2016