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City of London will focus on increasing their cart to unit ratio to 1:7 and will introduce cardboard bin collection. The project will also implement multi-res best practices (update database, site visits, performance monitoring, new P&E) and delivery out-reach activities to buildings.

This report features a campaign delivered by the City of London that increased recycling service by 4656 units (to a total of 49,324) and increased overall container capacity. Along with the standard best practice implementation, London applied such strategies as only providing P&E, in-unit bags and workshops to property managers that committed to providing a minimum container capacity at 35 litres per unit. Total recycling capacity was expanded by 60% (1,307,160 litres to 2,163,616 litres)

Documents Final Report: Multi-residential Recycling: Implementing Best Practices
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Project # 218
Proponent London, City of
CIF Funding $194,725
Date Approved April 12, 2010
Date Completed December 31, 2014