GIS Collection Point & Service Level Mapping System

Projects Description

This project involves the use of GIS technology to map Muskoka District’s curbside collection service points and link service levels to those data points in anticipation of their upcoming collection rfp. The work is expected to cost approximately $85,000 and is expected to provide prospective bidders with the information needed to accurately bid on the pending RFP. The CIF will contribute approx $25,000 or 25% funding.

Documents Final Report: GIS Collection Point and Service Level Map
Blog Post September 15, 2016: Accurate Stop Counts Lead to Better Customer Service & Contract Management

October 24, 2019: Unit Count Studies for Program and Transitional Planning: A Review of Two Methods

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More Information
Project # 820
Proponent Muskoka, District Municipality of
CIF Funding
Date Approved October 1, 2013
Date Completed September 10, 2016