Funded Projects Catalogue

September 15, 2015

MRF Residue Reduction Initiative

This project involves an initial analysis of Quinte’s MRF to determine the source and value of its residue followed by a possible second phase capital investment to reduce residue levels where cost effective. The Phase One analysis will examine the source of Quinte’s residual levels and develop options for...

September 15, 2015

Relaunch Blue Boxes

Harmonization of regional program. Relaunch program with a one time distribution of 60,000 large capacity boxes to residents. Documents Final Report: Relaunch of Blue Box Program Blog Post Related Projects Project #937 Categories Best Practices | Collection Containers | P&E |    

October 7, 2015

Mixed Broken Glass Cleanup System

This project involves the installation of glass clean up equipment in the York MRF. The cost of the project is approximately $1,700,000 and the CIF will contribute up to 48% of costs to support this very worthwhile project. Documents Final Report: Mixed Broken Glass Clean Up System Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices |...

February 3, 2016

Cooperative Container Procurement Program

A cooperative procurement venture to secure high quality Blue Boxes, Recycling Carts and Bags at competitive rates for municipalities, First Nation entities and other authorities charged with the responsibility of delivering Ontario’s residential Blue Box program. Documents Webpage: Cooperative Container Procurement Program Blog Post Related Projects Project #724 Project #724.1 Categories Best Practices | Collection Containers |...

December 31, 2013

Cooperative Container Subsidy Program

To encourage greater participation in the Cooperative Container Procurement Program (Project #478), a 5% reimbursement is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis on container purchases made through the CCPP up to a set annual limit. For each container type, a portion of the subsidy is reserved for programs with 5,000...

June 18, 2013

Cooperative Container Purchase

A Bulk Container Purchasing Tender to secure pricing for Blue Boxes and Carts at a discounted rate for Ontario recycling programs by coordinating the buying efforts of municipalities across Ontario is part of an ongoing initiative by CIF . Documents Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Project #478 Project #724.1 Categories Best Practices | Collection Containers |    

March 9, 2016

Depot Upgrades

This project involves development of an “options analysis” and possible conceptual facility design to address traffic loading issues at the Kenora landfill and public drop-off. Documents Final Report: Kenora Recycling Depot Options Review Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices | Depots |    

May 10, 2016

Collection Cost Model Analysis

The CIF has made development of cost allocation models a priority to assist municipalities in the accurate development of information for planning purposes. This project is intended to ‘ground truth’ a model developed by CIF for determination of collection costs which represents the majority of Blue Box operating costs....

June 28, 2016

Hastings Highlands RFP Support

Assist with drafting/issue of new recycling collection/processing RFP and conversion of 9 local depots to front end load service. Documents Synopsis RFP: Waste and Recycling Haulage and Recycling Processing Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Procurement |    

August 3, 2016

Municipal Multi-Residential Working Group

A CIF led Multi-Residential Working Group has been established to build upon the foundational aspects established through earlier CIF projects and engage municipalities in current work in this sector.  The group will meet monthly to discuss the costs and program metrics involved in operating Multi-Residential Blue Box programs. This...

August 4, 2016

Convert Depots to Front End Load (FEL) Service

Site upgrades, signage and purchase of 8 yd. FEL bins to replace 40 yd. roll-off bins at 3 municipal depots to reduce shipping costs.  FEL vehicles compact materials producing more tonnes per load and fewer loads shipped to the MRF. Documents Final Report: Depot to Front End Bin Service Implementation Blog Post Related...

August 26, 2016

MRF Performance Study

A MRF performance study to determine the processing efficiency of the facility followed by an equipment maintenance study to cross reference operational performance with maintenance records to verify upkeep, repair and replacement efforts needed to meet current and future needs. Documents Final Report: Process/Equipment Review, Material Recycling Centre Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre of...