Niagara Public Space Recycling Program – Phase 1

Projects Description

Niagara Region in cooperation with its local municipalities is working on a major expansion of its recycling services into local BIA’s, arenas, public buildings, parks and more.  This multi-year project received $55,207 in funding from the CIF representing 40% of the municipality’s funding request.

Installed 161 recycling bins in BIAs and parks throughout the Region supported by an intensive communication plan, including bin labels, posters, stickers and various media (i.e. websites, newsletters and newspaper articles). Waste audits conducted during pre, peak and post season. Program resulted in 93% capture rate for beverage containers and 72% for all recyclables. Experienced low contamination rate of less than 10%.


Documents Final Report: Public Space Recycling Program
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More Information
Project # 564.7
Proponent Niagara, Region of
CIF Funding $55,207
Date Approved March 9, 2011
Date Completed December 31, 2011