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Waterloo will ‘relaunch’ their multi-res program.  The project will implement best practices (update database, site visits, performance monitoring, new p&e, increase number of carts).  Will distribute in-unit containers to all multi-res households.

In this Region of Waterloo project, the following best practices were implemented: conducting site visits to assess recycling performance (benchmarking); providing adequate bin capacity; identifying the overall program recycling rate, and distributing new promotion and education materials. The municipality distributed almost 1000 carts, increasing average MR capacity by 4 litres/household; recycling increased by 6%. This report lists numerous operational, administrative, and educational multi-residential recycling recommendations.

Documents Final Report: Multi-residential Recycling: Implementing Best Practices
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More Information
Project # 250
Proponent Waterloo, Region of
CIF Funding $171,500
Date Approved February 10, 2010
Date Completed July 31, 2014