Algonquin Highlands Depot Audit

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A waste composition study was undertaken at Algonquin Highland’s four, two stream recycling depots to obtain baseline data on the composition and contamination of the township’s Blue Box waste stream in anticipation of development of a new collection and processing tender. The project demonstrated that historical assumptions about the township’s contamination level were incorrect and resulted in a reduced processing cost. The analysis also demonstrated the benefit, in terms of a significant reduction in contamination, of having staffed recycling collection at depots frequented by seasonal residents. This project also aided in development of the CIF’s Small Municipal Depot Guidebook by providing information on reference materials. The total cost of the project was approximately $18,000.

Documents Final Report: Algonquin Highlands Recycling Depot Material Composition Study
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Project # 739
Proponent Algonquin Highlands, Township of
CIF Funding
Date Approved August 2, 2014
Date Completed October 16, 2014