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The Town of Kearny is switching to a clear bags policy for incoming garbage to the municipal waste management site.  This project will provide funding to share in the cost of implementing the P&E described in the new CIF Clear Bag toolkit and builds on the success of neighbouring Township McMurrich Monteith.  P&E to include: pre-launch mail-outs, signage for depot, and clear bag tool kit for distribution during soft launch.  Diversion is anticipated to increase significantly following the implementation of the clear bags best practice.

Documents Final Report: Clear Bag Policy Promotion & Education
Blog Post February 24, 2017: Clear Bags for Garbage Increase Waste Diversion at Town of Kearney
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Project # 902
Proponent Kearney, Town of
CIF Funding
Date Approved September 5, 2015
Date Completed December 4, 2016