Analysis of Bill 91 Implications on Municipal Diversion Services

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Bill 91 represents a fundamental potential change in the way waste diversion programs will be operated in Ontario. The City of Toronto in partnership with members of RPWCO sought to complete an analysis of the implications of the bill and its implications on municipal diversion programs. This information is expected to be of interest to all stakeholders seeking to understand what changes may need to be made to programs such as the Blue Box program should IPR legislation be implemented in Ontario. The total cost of the project is expected to be $95,000 and CIF is contributing up to $40,000 or 42%.

Documents Presentation: Primer on Bill 91 (The Waste Reduction Act) and The Waste Reduction Strategy

Final Report: EPR Case Study Report

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Project # 725
CIF Funding $40,000
Date Approved July 5, 2013
Date Completed February 8, 2015