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The City of St. Thomas is implementing an open space recycling program in the downtown area and a number of parks and public spaces throughout the City. Following and implementing best practice for open space recycling, the City will be installing collection containers, signage and undertaking a P&E campaign to promote the program to residents.

Phase 1 – Replace garbage containers in the downtown with twin bin recycling and garbage containers and monitor. Shows resulting 19% diversion, 97% capture and 43% contamination. Phase 2- install twin bins in the City’s largest park and 96 gallon wheelie bins to use during special events and monitor. Shows resulting 4% diversion, 21% capture and 21% contamination. Cost provided. Contamination was a problem. Chose only to collect containers in public space bins and not fibres.

Documents Final Report: City of St. Thomas Pubic Space Recycling
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More Information
Project # 666.13
Proponent St. Thomas, City of
CIF Funding $46,250
Date Approved August 22, 2011
Date Completed August 11, 2014