Multi-Residential Service Standardization Initiative

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This initiative is designed to standardize Multi-Residental (MR) collection amongst Quinte Waste Solutions (QWS) municipal partners. In-unit recycling bags (30-|) will be supplied to buildings to bring the storage capacity up to the recommended Best Practice levels. As part of the initiative, P&E tactics addressing residual and sorting issues will be developed and tested at four targeted sites. Baseline and post project recycling composition and tonnage data will be collected. Communications materials will be customizable and will later be made available to other municipalities through CIF’s Centre of Excellence.

Documents Final Report: Multi Residential Service Standardization Initiative- Quinte Waste Solutions
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More Information
Project # 864
Proponent Quinte Waste Solutions
CIF Funding $7,500
Date Approved October 3, 2014
Date Completed September 28, 2018