Vaughan – Collection RFP Planning: Cost Allocation Modeling & Determining the Financial Implications of Expanded Multi-Residential Service

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Preparation for the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for collection services for the City of Vaughan including: the development of a Multi-Residential (MRes) collection service policy best practice; refinement of CIF’s existing MRes database resource; third party review of change of law and, or EPR-specific terms, as well as other established RFP best practices recommended by CIF; and finally vetting of a newly developed CIF Activity Based Costing (ABC) Tool for collection services.

Documents Final Report: City of Vaughan – Collection RFP Planning

Model: Curbside Collection Cost Model

Workshop presentation and handouts

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Project # 965
Proponent Vaughan, City of
CIF Funding
Date Approved August 26, 2016
Date Completed February 15, 2018