Perfecting Indoor Public Space Recycling

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$50k in funding was provided to the Town of Whitby to support implementation of an improved public building recycling program. The new containers and enhanced promotional materials are expected to increase diversion by 20% while reducing contamination. This project is expected to assist the CIF in developing better practices in this area of blue box recycling. Total project costs are budgeted at over $123,000.

Introduced 31 standardized multi-port receptacles in 9 town facilities to replace non-uniform containers, then tested best practices for public space recycling and measured performance. Surveys and focus groups conducted and baseline and post waste audits conducted. Great P&E and signage tools. Costs provided. Achieved average waste diversion of 42.67% relative to overall facility waste diversion measured to be 13.85%.


Documents Final Report: Perfecting Indoor Public Space Recycling
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More Information
Project # 268
Proponent Whitby, Town of
CIF Funding $50,000
Date Approved April 14, 2010
Date Completed December 29, 2011