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The goal of this project was to provide an online resource to help increase the quality of recycling contracts, transfer better/best practices into tenders and agreements, reduce contract administration and associated costs, harmonize tender processes and documents for service providers, and potentially provide a training resource for anticipated contract management course (E&E project 341). It included:

  1. gathering, cataloguing, reviewing & annotating  a database of municipal blue box contracts;
  2. developing a searchable index on a website to match user profiles;
  3. identifying preferred practices and removing municipal ID, not in challenges and opportunities in the documents; and,
  4. updating against current events i.e.,CIF, revised practices, new requirements.

The original database was published on the CIF website. It has since been updated, with the results included in the CIF’s Centre of Excellent section on “Procurement”.

Documents Presentation: Municipal Model Contracts Tool
Webpage: CIF Centre of Excellence – Procurement
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More Information
Project # 122
Proponent CIF
CIF Funding $87,000
Date Approved August 11, 2008
Date Completed January 1, 2011