Multi-Residential Audits in Toronto

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A series of seasonal waste audits to understand current behaviour in multi-residential buildings and monitor/measure the effectiveness of selected multi-residential P&E campaigns and targeted training for selected building superintendents.

In this two-part project, the City of Toronto delivers a comprehensive series of waste composition studies to better understand its MR demographic, and pilots the CIF Recycling Workshop for Superintendents and Property Managers. The municipality, which provides waste management services to 4,500 buildings in a city where 55% dwellings are within multi-residential complexes, offered two half-day workshops where attendees were provided with knowledge, tools, resources and encouragement to increase diversion. The workshop was promoted via mailed and hand delivered invitation (2,100 in total), an advertisement in an industry magazine, and on the City’s website. In a post-workshop evaluation, a vast majority of the 39 attendees indicated the workshop was useful. The report includes recommendations to improve attendance.

Documents Final Report: Multi-Residential Audits & Superintendent Training
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More Information
Project # 872
Proponent Toronto, City of
CIF Funding
Date Approved September 29, 2014
Date Completed February 2, 2016