Blue Box Harmonization Initiative

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In 2014 West Elgin partnered with the City of London for the processing of their recyclables at a regional facility as recommended in the 2012 MIPC Study. As an extension of this, West Elgin will harmonize its curbside collection program with the others in southwestern Ontario who are taking their materials to London’s regional facility. Harmonization efforts include the expansion of West Elgin’s list of targeted materials, issuing of large curbside containers to its residents to accommodate the additional recyclables, and a promotion & education campaign to inform residents of the changes.

Documents Final Report: Municipality of West Elgin – West Elgin Blue Box Harmonization Initiative
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Project # 857
Proponent West Elgin, Municipality of
CIF Funding $10,015
Date Approved October 3, 2014
Date Completed December 14, 2015