Curbside Debagging of Blue Bags Pilot

Projects Description

A pilot study at the County of Dufferin to evaluate the cost and amount of effort required to debag bagged curbside recyclables. The results of the study will help determine whether or not bagged recyclables should be debagged at the curb or at the MRF. Included in the project is an evaluation of debagging logistics at the curb, if litter becomes an issue after debagging, and what the extra effort and cost would be for the collector to debag at the curb (through a time and motion study).

Documents Final Report: Managing Bagged Material Curbside vs. MRF
Blog Post October 22, 2020: The bagged recyclables dilemma
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More Information
Project # 1104
Proponent Dufferin, County of
CIF Funding $20,000
Date Approved August 30, 2019
Date Completed October 7, 2020