Recycling Workshops for Superintendents & Property Managers

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This project will support municipal development of workshops for multi-residential building staff & management in two areas: 1. Train-the-trainer workshop for municipal staff (CIF will run two workshops) and 2. Funding for municipalities to implement workshops.

In an effort to reach council’s goal of 65% diversion, Niagara Region developed a Multi-Residential Waste Reduction Workshop for superintendents and property managers. The workshop was designed and hosted by staff in partnership with adult educator, Betty Muise. The goal was to teach superintendents and project managers about recycling so that they in turn support and educate their residents. There were 721 postcard invitations mailed out to representatives of the Region’s 600 serviced buildings; 22 attended the workshops. Evaluation provided insight regarding attendees’ initial level of recycling knowledge (low), opened up stakeholder dialogue, built relationships, and provided ideas for future initiatives. This report includes plenty of helpful information for those wishing to provide superintendent workshops, along with slides and P&E samples.


Documents Final Report: #434.2 City of Toronto Superintendent and Property Manager Workshop

Final Report: #434.3 Niagara Region Multi-Residential Superintendent & Manager Workshop

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More Information
Project # 434
Proponent Toronto, City of & Niagara, Region of
CIF Funding $48,000
Date Approved September 26, 2011
Date Completed December 16, 2015