Open Space Recycling in Canada

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Subsequent to completion of Project 202, CIF Projects Committee requested that an additional scan be completed to determine if any further research on better practices in open space recycling, supported by quantified analysis, had been conducted by municipalities across Canada but not published. This project supports the findings of Project 202 in that while many municipalities have open space recycling programs, the number that have quantitatively evaluated their performance is limited.

Survey of 20 municipalities in Ontario and Canada to determine what public space recycling and measurement had been conducted. Concluded that in Ontario very little has been done to measure the efficiency of open space recycling program, with the exception of the Region of York and the City of Toronto. Summary table provided identifying municipality and describing public space recycling program, types of containers used and measurement activities, if any.


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Best Practices Review Part 2 (Open Space Recycling)

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Project # 248
Proponent CIF
CIF Funding $3,600
Date Approved October 15, 2009
Date Completed January 1, 2011