Training & Events

Development of the skills and core competency of staff involved in running Ontario’s Blue Box Program increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall Program. The CIF has provided numerous skills development opportunities over the years such as outreach sessions, conferences (e.g. Ontario Recycler Workshop), classroom training and online skills development services.

Upcoming Events

The are no events or training sessions currently planned.

Past Events

Spring/Summer 2021: Pre-Transition Contract Management Online Training


  • June 22 & 24, 2021
  • July 7 & 8, 2021
  • July 14 & 5, 2021

Now you know when your community will transition to the new producer-led blue box system, but, in the meantime, what’s the best way to address challenges in existing collection and processing contracts? Join us for an online training workshop to address pre-transition procurement & contract management related issues facing municipalities.


  • Understand your responsibilities as a contract administrator
  • Understand roles & responsibilities of all contract parties
  • Identify common issues & potential problems/pitfalls
  • Understand potential responses to deal with contract deficiencies

Some example topics include:

  • Price adjustments: renegotiating collection, processing, and/or service rates
  • Scope of work adjustments: changing the list of targeted materials (e.g. remove glass)
  • Addressing lack of competition: especially in rural areas with few local service providers
  • “Off Ramp” clauses: early termination, extensions, reassignment, unbundling, and what to do if there are no off ramp clauses

The course

The course is being delivered in four, two-hour sessions over Zoom (dates and times below). There will be a mix of lecture, quizzes and interactive discussion. This is an opportunity to examine your existing contracts to determine their strength and limitations, as well as what to do if recommended clauses do not currently exist in your contract.

  • Day One. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Day Two: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Participants will be required to complete a pre-course assignment prior to the start of the course. Information will be sent out once registration has been approved.

This session is limited to 20 participants.

Participants of this course will be eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU) in the Datacall. Municipalities are encouraged to maintain a record of staff that attend.

March 2021: Ontario Recycler Workshop for small communities

CIF hosted a special Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW) for small municipal and First Nations communities. This online event was Thursday, March 4, 2021.

With the release of the final new blue box regulations on the horizon, this special ORW featured presentations and discussions designed to help small municipalities and First Nations understand the implications and planning needs for their communities as Ontario’s Blue Box program begins to transition to an Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) framework.

Panel 1: The path to IPR for small communities

View the slides

This presentation contained a breakdown the who, what and when of the Ontario blue box program’s transition to Individual Producer Responsibility. This session provided an overview of what’s happening with the legislation, what may change in your community, when the changes may happen, who the key players are, and how the CIF can help you prepare.


Panel 2: Overview of CIF IPR resources and group discussions

View the slides

The CIF is here to help! The afternoon session was a virtual walk through of the CIF resources available to support municipalities and First Nations groups through the IPR transition process. Participants took part in breakout discussions facilitated by CIF staff, about operations, contracts, and promotion & education. The group discussions allowed for networking, shared opportunities, and learnings.

October 2020: Ontario Recycler Workshop Online

The CIF Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW) was delivered as an online event on October 6 and 8, 2020. With 27 speakers and over 150 attendees, the panels incorporated engaging discussions around what was known and still unknown about transitioning Ontario’s Blue Box program to an Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) framework.

Panel 1: RRCEA Blue Box Regulations. The here and now

This moderated discussion on transitioning to an IPR framework included speakers representing a range of different perspectives talking about how they see the new regulation shaping their sphere of work in the future.

View the slides (PDF)

Panel 2: Planning for transition. Enforcement, contamination, new tech

This session offered municipalities a better understanding of how to anticipate and respond to the impacts of transition. Topics ranged from municipal enforcement strategies through to shifting contamination definitions and lessons learned from BC’s experience with EPR. It also featured an update on London’s efforts to divert flexible film and other difficult to recycle plastics using the Hefty® EnergyBag® program.

Panel 3: Preparing collection systems for transition

With IPR on the horizon, what are municipalities doing to prepare their collection systems for transition? This panel highlighted a selection of transition projects that municipalities can consider as implementation strategies are revealed in the coming months, including logistics and costs of alternate collection methods for problematic materials and making program changes in response to managing contamination.

The full webinar recording is below, or you can watch the pre-recorded videos from each speaker on YouTube:

View the slides (PDF)

Panel 4: Ask an expert. Operational transition guidance from the pros

This facilitated Q&A panel with leading experts, focused on how to maintain efficiency and effectiveness as municipalities move towards transitioning to IPR. Industry experts shared insights into implementing successful P&E, setting up collection standards for contamination and enforcement, as well as procurement and contract management tips and other guidance.

View the slides (PDF)

May 2017: Ontario Recycler Workshop
June 2016: Ontario Recycler Workshop
June 2015: Ontario Recycler Workshop
  • Slides – full day
    • ORW Panel 1 – CIF & Partner Updates
    • ORW Panel 2 – Operations: Factors to Consider When Planning for a Change
    • ORW Panel 3 – Fresh Approaches to Promotion & Education (P&E)
    • ORW Panel 4 – Obstacles & Opportunities in Optimizing Recycling
    • ORW Panel 5 – Discussion – Planning for the Future of Glass Recycling in Ontario
November 2014: Ontario Recycler Workshop
  • Slides – full day (36 MB)
    • Panel 1 – CIF & Partner Updates (3 MB)
    • Panel 2 – Operating Effective Depots (14 MB)
    • Panel 3 – Monitoring & Measuring Program Impacts (4 MB)
    • Panel 4 – Promotion & Education Matters (7 MB)
    • Panel 5 – Insights from the MRF (4 MB)
    • Panel 6 – Procurement, Contracting & Management: Working Toward Better Practices (0.5 MB)
  • Funded projects: project summaries and reports (where available)
June 2014: Ontario Recycler Workshop
  • Slides – full day (9 MB PDF)
October 2013: Ontario Recycler Workshop
November 2012: Ontario Recycler Workshop
April 2012: Ontario Recycler Workshop
November 2011: Ontario Recycler Workshop
June 2011: Ontario Recycler Workshop
November 2010: Ontario Recycler Workshop
June 2010: Ontario Recycler Workshop
June 2009: Ontario Recycler Workshop