Next Gen Recycling Technologies Study

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The CIF is proposing to carry out an initiative to collect, consolidate, and distill information on next generation recycling collection and processing technologies.

Municipalities and their contractors have invested millions in capital assets that must be routinely upgraded to meet new operating challenges. The research and information sharing opportunities proposed as part of this initiative is of collective benefit to all municipalities and First Nations groups offering residential Blue Box recycling services.

Documents Final Report: Next Gen Technologies

Appendix A: Long List of Technologies

Blog Post December 3, 2020: Next generation technologies: Spotlight on in-bin cameras

February 3, 2021: Next Generation Technologies: RFID for a targeted approach to Promotion & Education

April 21, 2021: Robot combines hyperspectral vision with Artificial Intelligence for residential recycling

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More Information
Project # 1089
Proponent CIF/RPWCO
CIF Funding $43,000
Date Approved August 12, 2019
Date Completed December 13, 2020