Peterborough Transfer Station Solar Compactors

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This project involves the installation of solar powered compactors at two of the County of Peterborough’s transfer stations to improve hauling efficiencies for fibres collected at the two sites.  The compactors are solar powered and will be equipped with remote monitoring capability to allow staff to determine when the bins actually require replacement.  This feature optimizes hauling frequency and reduces operating costs by avoiding the cost of hauling partially filled bins typical of pre-scheduled automatic pick-ups.  Installation of compactors at the two sites is expected to reduce hauling costs by over $10,000/year with a project payback of approximately 4 years.


Documents Final Report: Peterborough Transfer Station Solar Compactors
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More Information
Project # 275
Proponent Peterborough, County of
CIF Funding $74,807
Date Approved March 19, 2010
Date Completed January 31, 2011