CIF Funding Process Overview

What does the CIF fund?

CIF funding is intended to support municipal Blue Box recycling projects in Ontario. The CIF welcomes applications from Ontario municipalities and their private sector partners. CIF funding support typically falls into three categories:

1) Funding for activities identified by the CIF – “Conditional Funding Offers”
The REOI frequently offers funding opportunities (up to a pre-set value) for specific activities determined by the CIF that respond to a priority expressed in its annual Operations Plan. An example include offers to fund waste composition studies.
2) Funding for projects proposed by an individual or group of municipalities – “Project Proposals”
Broad funding priorities are established by the CIF annually to which individual municipalities or groups of municipalities can submit applications. The scope of work is normally determined by the proponent and often includes high-value projects with definable payback periods. An example would be a centralized cost savings projects with a payback period of less than five years.
3) Collective Action initiatives
Collective Action initiatives include applications for demonstration projects and studies that are of broad benefit to multiple municipalities and groups such as a project that identifies better practices.

The CIF does not fund:

  • Projects, or parts of projects, unrelated to the Blue Box program in Ontario
  • Non-Blue Box diversion initiatives (e.g., composting) or waste disposal projects
  • Retroactively (i.e., projects that have already been started prior to an application being received by the CIF)
  • Ongoing operating costs or routine maintenance activities

To be considered, applications must demonstrate a direct benefit to an Ontario municipality’s Blue Box program and have the program’s support or demonstrate a direct benefit to the provincial Blue Box recycling system.

How do you apply for CIF funding?

The CIF normally accepts applications for funding through an annual Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) process each spring. The REOI includes the types of projects and initiatives eligible for funding based on the CIF’s budget for that calendar year.

The CIF posts the REOI on this website and notifies all stakeholders of its release through our email distribution list.

The Process…

  • Application through to approval
    • Assess: CIF performs a preliminary assessment of all funding requests
    • Optimize: CIF works with applicants to help optimize their funding submissions
    • Evaluate: CIF evaluates project applications
  • Project implementation through to completion
    • Grant: Project proponents review and sign Letter of Agreement or Grant
    • Implement: Project proponents complete projects according to agreed scope
    • Invoice: Proponents invoice the CIF