CIF Price Sheet Alternative Analysis

This report, announced in a March 27, 2023 bulletin, addresses alternative sources of pricing for post-consumer commodities in preparation for the CIF Price Sheet sunset, anticipated to occur later in 2023.

CIF Price Sheet

The CIF Price Sheet is a monthly publication that contains a blend of municipal spot market prices for Ontario-based municipalities. It details current and price trends for post-consumer metals, glass, plastic and fibre and is an invaluable tool for municipal officials and others involved in the recycled commodities marketplace.

The CIF Price Sheet is produced for the CIF by EcoCompass Inc. For questions about the Price Sheet, please email Neil Menezes. For other questions or comments, please email communications@thecif.ca.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The composition of commodities used to calculate the Composite Indices have been updated for 2022 using the latest available data from RPRA.