Waste Composition Studies

  • Frequently asked questions – click the link to read a list of common Q&A. If you need more information, or have suggestions for more questions to add to the list, contact CIF Staff.
  • NEW! Sample Size Calculator – the calculator is an Excel document that will estimate the number of samples you need to collect from your community of interest to achieve a specified statistical confidence level.
  • Standard waste study categories – view the waste composition study categories used for recording the standard items identified during a waste composition study.
  • Depot pre-screening survey – and Waste Composition Study Worksheets for Depots – for the households that only use depots, an assessment can be done however, pre-screening users is required. Download the pre-screening survey information and excel worksheets that can assist in completing a successful study.
  • CIF/SO Terms of Reference 4-Season Residential Waste Composition Study Results:
  • WDO Waste Composition Studies Joint Funding Terms of Reference – the CIF Committee and Stewardship Ontario (SO) have agreed that standardization of the study methodology, funding and project coordination will benefit all waste composition study stakeholders. Download the Terms of Reference to read the agreement.
  • Waste Composition Guide – Considerations for Small Municipalities – the CIF created a guide to waste audits (composition studies) for small municipalities. Download the guide for a step by step guide to the planning, collection, sorting and analysis involved in a waste composition study.
  • MRF Audit Guide: Material Streams Composition – Blue Box program operators need to know exactly what’s in their Material Recycling Facility (MRF) materials, including what type and how much of each material is going into and out of the facility. The guide can be used as a reference or inserted as an appendix into RFP/Tender documents for any municipality that’s establishing a new processing contract. Terms in the contract will permit a municipality to enter/audit the inbound, sorted or residue materials at the MRF and the guide will help set out the general procedures for conducting the audits.

For more information

Email Mike Birett, CIF Director for information about the waste composition studies program

Email Jean Louis Gaudet, EXP, who is CIF project contact, for information about audits in progress