Two’s Company, But Three … Makes for More Efficient Recycling!

The City of Kenora is located in Northwestern Ontario and is remote from other major Ontario cities. Kenora does not have its own Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), and ships its recyclables to the nearest major city, which is Winnipeg, Manitoba, 220 km to the west.

Photo of the compaction trailer received in Kenora Source: City of Kenora, Project 413 Report

As part of the CIF wasteshed optimization efforts, Kenora established an agreement with the City of Dryden (140 km to the east) to co-haul Dryden’s recyclables to Winnipeg. Kenora used two 53-foot self-compaction trailers to ship the recyclables.

While successful, the arrangement meant that one trailer was always in transit and therefore, one city was required to stockpile its recyclables while waiting for a trailer. To minimize this situation the long haul truck driver and transfer station staff at times, worked overtime to ensure trailers were returned and reloaded as quickly as possible.  After careful consideration, Kenora staff concluded that adding a third self-compaction trailer would further reduce operating costs.

Working with the CIF, Kenora sourced a used self-compaction trailer and retro-fitted it to the City’s specifications. The result has been a reduction in overtime and associated costs (estimated savings $7,110/yr and payback period of 4.9 years), increased operational efficiencies, and the consistent availability of an empty trailer in both cities for the loading of recyclable materials.

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Please visit the CIF website at to view Project 413 – City of Kenora Compaction Highway Trailer.