Transitioning to IPR: Understanding potential operational impacts

Over the last few months the CIF has been releasing information to help its stakeholders understand the potential operational implications of the proposed new regulation under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 for the blue box. As the December 3, 2020 comment period for the proposed new regulation is fast approaching, the following provides a summary of relevant CIF posts, and links for quick reference, that may help inform your responses. The list also provides information and guidance to assist municipalities as they begin to contemplate their transition plans.

CIF Connections Blog

A first look at the proposed new blue box regulation

This blog outlines proposed blue box service levels, details RPRA registration requirements, links municipalities to advice, from a collection service provider, on how to remain engaged in service delivery, and highlights the transition schedule.

Proposed blue box regulation details eligible sources and service standards

This blog discusses how, during the transition period, service standards will be equal or exceed August 15, 2019 levels for three categories of eligible sources: residences, facilities, and public spaces. It invites municipalities to contact the CIF for transition planning support to address items such as potential ineligible sources and service standard changes post 2026.

How will ineligible sources be impacted by transition to IPR?

This blog outlines a proposed planning process to engage stakeholders where recycling services will not be required by Producers.

Financial model assists in identifying preferred transition date

This blog provides an overview of a model that helps assess the outcomes of various blue box program transition scenarios in order to inform financial planning through transition.

Ontario Recycler Workshop October 6 and 8, 2020

CIF’s annual conference was conducted online this year and featured 27 speakers. The focus of the event was the transitioning of Ontario’s Blue Box program to an Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) framework.

Panel 1: RRCEA Blue Box Regulations. The here and now

Panel 2: Planning for transition. Enforcement, contamination, new tech

Panel 3: Preparing collection systems for transition

Panel 4: Ask the expert. Operational transition guidance from the pros

Looking for Transition Resources Today?

CIF staff are always available by phone or email to help find resources and to discuss your transition support needs. Reach out today!

Remember! The MECP’s proposal is currently posted on the Environmental Registry of Ontario, and comments are due no later than December 3, 2020.