2019 Training Courses for Municipal Recycling Staff

Training Sessions Held May 15, 2019

  • CIF Benchmarking & Assessing Program Performance – see tab below
  • CIF Contract Management Essentials for Now & the Future – see table below
  • RPRA Program Updates Meeting

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Effective Management of Your Program Today & in Preparation for the Future

Training Municipal and First Nations staff to set up systems to ensure you’re tracking the most meaningful information and performance metrics to guide your program.

Benchmarking & assessing performance is vital for all programs

The insights derived from internal and external analysis is vital for day to day management and for programs that are preparing for a transition to Full Producer Responsibility.

Programs that track, understand and use their performance metrics will best be able to make program changes to operate efficiently or to negotiate successfully for transition to a new role.

In CIF’s 2019 Benchmarking & Assessing Training, participants will:

  • Learn how to gather and use information to assess how well your program is performing in terms of key service parameters
  • Understand the extent to which your community might be required to alter programming to comply with FPR service delivery standards
  • Identify how to use information to address issues such as contamination, increasing costs, service delivery options and more
  • Identify improvement opportunities and cost to comply with the FPR service delivery standard

What’s involved

  • Pre-Course: Light reading and quiz
  • Full day instruction on May 15 (in person only)
  • Post course: there will be no follow-up assignments

Participants that participate in the full session will be eligible for one CEU for the Best Practices section of the RPRA Datacall

Is this the right training for you?

This course is for anyone who is interested in program evaluation. The 2019 Benchmarking & Assessing Training is an update on the 2014 course, with all new case studies and refreshed content. If you’ve taken this course in the past, this is an ideal time for a refresher.

Contact Carrie Nash for more information.

As the nature of the Blue Box program plan and delivery evolve, the contract management essentials course provides the foundation in the development of an effective contract management plan for an existing or upcoming contract.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Municipal and First Nation staff that are seasoned professionals or for those just entering into a contract management role and who need an introduction. It is recommended for those that have never attended the course in the past.

What’s involved?

  • One full ‘in class’ day on May 15
  • Completion of a post-class assignment (requiring up to ~16 hours effort) (required)
  • One or two coaching/mentoring phone meetings to answer questions & support completion of assignment (optional)

Participants that participate in the full session and complete the assignment will be eligible for one CEU for the Best Practices section of the RPRA Datacall.

What is covered

  • The development of a contract management plan
  • Anticipating and managing problems
  • Evaluating and understanding risk
  • Preparing a response and implementing an action plan
  • Contract clauses to aid in the transition to full producer responsibility

If you have any question about this course and how it applies to you and your job responsibilities, please email Dave Yousif to discuss.

Online Fundamentals and Course Archive

Online Training: Fundamentals in Recycling Planning

Municipal and First Nations Staff can now complete a free of charge 9-module fundamentals course onlineIf you’re new to this sector, or you’re looking for a refresher on the basics of blue box planning this course is for you. And…you will accumulate four (4) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to help fulfill their datacall.

Once registered, participants will work through the series of modules at a time and location of their choosing. The content is available 24/7, and it can be accessed from any smart technology enabled device.

This course is available exclusively to Municipal and First Nations staff, offered free of charge.

Past Courses

  • P&E: Building Effective Contamination Abatement Campaigns (May 2018)
  • Contract Management Essentials for Now & the Future (May 2018)
  • Strategic RFPs for Recycling (November 2017)
  • Communication 2.0: How to Communicate for Behaviour Change (May 2017)