Ontario Recycler Workshop

2020 ORW Online

The CIF Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW) was delivered as an online event on October 6 and 8, 2020. With 27 speakers and over 150 attendees, the panels incorporated engaging discussions around what was known and still unknown about transitioning Ontario’s Blue Box program to an Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) framework.

Panel 1: RRCEA Blue Box Regulations. The here and now

This moderated discussion on transitioning to an IPR framework included speakers representing a range of different perspectives talking about how they see the new regulation shaping their sphere of work in the future.

Panel 2: Planning for transition. Enforcement, contamination, new tech

This session offered municipalities a better understanding of how to anticipate and respond to the impacts of transition. Topics ranged from municipal enforcement strategies through to shifting contamination definitions and lessons learned from BC’s experience with EPR. It also featured an update on London’s efforts to divert flexible film and other difficult to recycle plastics using the Hefty® EnergyBag® program.

Panel 3: Preparing collection systems for transition

With IPR on the horizon, what are municipalities doing to prepare their collection systems for transition? This panel highlighted a selection of transition projects that municipalities can consider as implementation strategies are revealed in the coming months, including logistics and costs of alternate collection methods for problematic materials and making program changes in response to managing contamination.

Panel 4: Ask an expert. Operational transition guidance from the pros

This facilitated Q&A panel with leading experts, focused on how to maintain efficiency and effectiveness as municipalities move towards transitioning to IPR. Industry experts shared insights into implementing successful P&E, setting up collection standards for contamination and enforcement, as well as procurement and contract management tips and other guidance.