Training & Events

The following is a list of CIF training courses offered from 2013 to 2017 and what was covered.

  • P&E Fundamentals: 6 Steps to More Effective P&E Campaigns
    • Components of developing a promotion and education (P&E) plan, emphasizing designing metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Communication 2.0: How to Communicate for Behaviour Change
    • Principles and practice of effective communication for behavior change for recycling.
  • Contracts Management
    • Contract essentials plus contract management/oversight plan development for routine/normal operations, writing standard operating procedures and work instructions as well as managing risk and responding to problems.
  • Benchmark & Assessing
    • Tools to understand and assess program performance and identify potential alterations/improvements and costs to comply with EPR delivery standards and prepare to operate within an EPR system.
  • MRF Operation & Preventative Maintenance
    • MRF equipment fundamentals. Tips to anticipate replacement & repair needs before equipment failure and information to plan, budget & carry out preventative maintenance.