‘Tis the Season: Assisting Seasonal Residents with Recycling

Municipalities with high seasonal resident populations typically service this population with depot collection at landfill or transfer site locations.  Cottagers are often ready and willing recycling participants who need a little help understanding the differences from their home recycling programs.

Landfill attendant with resident – CIF 536.10 Township of McMurrich Monteith

In addition to providing a clean, welcoming depot with clear signage (check out the CIF Depot Best Practices) there are other opportunities to clarify how the seasonal recycling program works, consider:

Get personal!

The most effective means of teaching is person to person.  Staffed depot sites provide in person expertise in answering any questions cottagers may have.  Combining personal communication with take-away materials is a great way to double down on your messaging.  Have pamphlets at the ready outlining hours of operation, accepted materials & sorting requirements.


Promo & Ed combined with Important Mail Outs

Getting P&E information into the hands of seasonal residents can be difficult, but there are a few guaranteed ways you can at least pass the information before their eyes. Tax bills need to be paid and identification cards are often necessary for accessing and using waste sites, why not combine the two? Keep the verbiage to a minimum and direct the reader to the municipal website or call centre to provide more information.


By-law & other aspects of enforcement

Some residents require a little more encouragement than others. It is often necessary to establish by-laws making recycling mandatory in order to convince this small portion of the population that their participation in the program is important. By-laws are not effective if they are not communicated so post them on your website with a printed summary on the back of the waste site access card.

What about rental cottages?

Cottage renters present another challenge.  Some municipalities make Cottage Kits available to cottage owners who can pass these materials on to renters and explain what’s required for correct local waste management. The kits include all the necessary information and contacts for a crash course on the local municipal program. Check out an example.

Got proven strategies of your own? Let us know and we may feature your program in one of CIF’s future blogs!

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CIF 830.3 (report in draft) Municipality of Whitestone