The CIF in 2018: Operations Plan, Funding Opportunities and Events

At its December 2017 meeting CIF Committee approved the CIF’s 2018 Operations Plan (and budget) as an interim plan. The Plan has been designed to permit continued operations of the CIF in accordance with its Three Year Strategic Plan (2016-2018) but recognizes the potential for the amended BBPP (a-BBPP) to trigger the wind down of the Fund. Accordingly, the Plan includes provisions to allow it to be modified, where necessary, as a result of an approved amendment of the draft a-BBPP.  Readers will note, for instance, deployment of certain components of the Plan have been deferred while we all await a decision on the a-BBPP.

Request for Expressions of Interested (REOI) To Be Determined

A total of $3,635,369 in project funding has been included in this year’s Plan for ‘open grants’.  Provision of funding, normally offered through the CIF’s annual REOI process will however, be postponed pending clarification of timing around a decision on the a-BBPP (which is not expected before April 2018). Should the a-BBPP be approved, CIF Committee intends to undertake a review the CIF’s 2018 Operations Plan to ensure it is in alignment with the provisions of the a-BBPP, prior to release of project funds.

In the event that the a-BBPP is not approved in a timely manner, it is expected that CIF Committee will proceed with release of an REOI process as in past years, subject to modification as necessary. CIF staff will notify stakeholders about any decision to open an REOI as soon as such information may become available. In the meantime, stakeholders are invited to contact CIF staff to discuss potentially-fundable projects and any timing and/or operational concerns they may have.

2018 Event Planning

This Year’s Blue Box Outreach Sessions for Municipal Staff

Plans are already underway for the 2018 Blue Box Outreach sessions for municipal staff. The events will take place in up to six locations throughout Ontario again this spring. Details will follow once the dates and locations are confirmed: please stay tuned.

CIF Working Groups Share Insights Through Centre of Excellence

The CIF is working with stakeholders from around the Province, gathering input and expertise in the areas of MRF, depot, curbside collection and multi-residential operations groups. The working groups are instrumental in sharing information, for example distilling key information from CIF and other projects, and reflecting these insights in the CIF Centre of Excellence webpages. The groups are well established with active memberships, however if you are interested in contributing to an existing group, please contact CIF staff.

Mid-May Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW) and Training – Information to Follow

We’re planning now for a mid-May Ontario Recycler Workshop and anticipate opening registration by end of January. We’ll post the information at and notify you by email as soon as details are in place.

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