The CIF Challenge


The CIF Challenge is on vacation!

Welcome to the CIF Challenge!

This is a new opportunity to test your skills and knowledge of vital aspects of Blue Box recycling in Ontario.

Here’s how it works

It’s like a scavenger hunt on the CIF website. Every other week, we’ll post a new question and invite CIF stakeholders to answer it. Each question will relate directly to information found on this website.

Look for the CIF Challenge icon!

This is the CIF Challenge icon – click on it to get started. Anywhere you see it you can click to open the current CIF Challenge question and respond. It is on this page, on the CIF home page and we’ll include it in upcoming CIF blogs.

Answer Correctly and Be Eligible to Win a $10 Coffee E-Card!

Shortly after each question closes, we’ll complete a random draw of responses. The person whose name is drawn and who has provided a correct response to the skill testing question, will win a $10 coffee e-gift card. There will be one winner for each bi-weekly challenge question.

Any questions? Contact CIF Communications

CIF Challenge Rules Overview

Who can participate?

The CIF Challenge is open to all CIF Stakeholders that are at least 18 years of age, who live or work in Ontario, with an interest in operating the Blue Box recycling program. CIF staff and contractors that work directly in development and delivery of the CIF Challenge are not eligible to win.


The CIF Challenge is being held over a twelve-week period beginning on the week of January 29 and extending through to April 2018. The CIF reserves the right to extend the timeframe.

How to win 

Submit a correct answer to a bi-weekly question AND be randomly selected as the winner in that question’s draw. Winners may be selected up to two times each.

Please read the CIF Challenge Rules for all details.

Are you ready to test your skills and knowledge?

  1. Please identify one community with a P&E project summary
  2. What was the goal of the project?
  3. What were the measured results?

Tell us two of the eight funding areas identified that are included under the CIF Centre of Excellence priority area.

$10 Bonus Question: Name a program with a previously funded project for Transition Support in Response to New Legislation and what their project aimed to accomplish. (Hint: search tip at top of page might be helpful.)

Name two of eight questions that need to be asked in the “Material Selection Process” to determine the diversion feasibility of targeted materials.

Correct response:

Pick two of the eight items on the materials collected tab in Depot Design section.

What are the four MR best practices for promotion and education that are identified in this section?

Correct responses:

1) Removing Barriers 2) Demographic Targeting 3) Relationship Building 4) Measuring & Monitoring

Random draw prize winner: Francis Veilleux, Bluewater Recycling Association