Slashing Hauling Costs: The CIF’s New “Compactors” Section Goes Live

Compaction of recyclables prior to shipping to the MRF is a proven best practice. Achieved by front/rear load bins, stationary compactors or by simple packing with available loaders, compaction saves shipping costs.

The new “Compactors” section features a lot of great information for you laid out in a convenient drill down format. You simply click the button on the topic that interests you to jump to the detailed information you need.

The linked pages behind each main topic provide explanations of better practices and plenty of examples, discussion and supporting research to help you avoid reinventing the wheel. This can be a great time saver to get you started or if you need to justify your planning or research to senior staff, other departments like purchasing/public works, residents or council.

More resources for you!

Thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Depot Working Group, industry consultants and CIF staff, the new Compactors section features a good selection of resources to get you started including:

Bottom line:

We want to be sure we are giving you what you need in the Center of Excellence so please test drive the new Compactors webpages and give us your feedback including anything you like/dislike or anything you think we missed or could do better.

Should you wish to join the Municipal Depot Working Group and help CIF advance the state of the art with all things depot related, please contact any CIF staff.

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