REOI Tips and Tricks

The spring is flying by and so is the time left for submitting 2017 REOI applications. Lucky for you we have a lot of updated resources to get you started and help you maximize your chances of being awarded project funding.

Getting Started

Step 1

Mouseover the Fundings & Projects tab that you see third from left at the top of this webpage:

Then click on “REOI” in the drop-menu to jump to the REOI webpage where you can download all the resources you need.

Start with the REOI main document:

  • REOI Document to learn which 2017  funding priorities have the best chance of being awarded funding under the latest CIF Operations Plan and to see a sample funding application.

Step 2

Once you think you know which funding priority your project qualifies for, (check the FAQ #14 or contact CIF staff if you are unsure) you can get the corresponding application forms by clicking the 2017 Documents tab:

Step 3

Now fill out your application as completely as you can. You can move on to the frequently asked questions link: REOI FAQ anytime you need answers to common questions about the REOI funding process and what to include or exclude from your application.

Don’t forget, your application will receive a higher evaluation score if it has a clear monitoring and measuring plan, a timeline and budget/payback calculation included with it. (Note; starting in 2017, the maximum acceptable payback period for all new cost saving projects has been reduced from 8 to 5 yrs.) We have provided updated samples and guidelines for you to use at the following links:

Step 4

By or before Wednesday, May 3, 2017, attach your MS Word format application and supporting documents to an email and send it to CIF Staff.

Your submission will be acknowledged and you will receive a new project number to help track your project from start to finish. Once you have a project number, please make sure it appears on all correspondence and in the subject line of all emails. (CIF gets thousands of emails and with almost 700 projects in our files, you will receive faster service if we can sort and track everything by project number so be sure to include it to help us find everything that relates to your project)

Step 5

A CIF project manager will be assigned and will contact you to help you strengthen your application and present it at CIF Project Committee for evaluation. Following project evaluations, applicants are typically notified of results in the fall.

Contact CIF Staff

CIF staff is always ready to help. We encourage you to contact any member of the team to discuss your issues and questions.

To find out more about the CIF funding process from application to project completion, visit CIF Funding Process Overview