2. Select convenient/visible location

2. Select convenient/visible location

Placing the bins in high traffic areas also requires that the bins are visible and easy to access. People often save their waste and recyclables until leaving a site and will not travel far to look for the bin. Bins that are hidden from view or out of the way or difficult to access will not be used. For bins to be effective they must be visible, easy to access and easy to use.

Shared Experience

565.7 City of Peterborough Public Space Recycling, 2012

peterborough-binWhen the City of Peterborough decided to set up recycling in its parks and trails, staff formed a team to help identify optimal placement of the ten waste stations. The team was comprised of staff from different City departments including Parks, Public Works, Transportation and Waste Management. The team focused on high traffic areas by examining trail locations, proximity to washrooms, trail starting points and intersections and children’s playgrounds. The City Parks Department, “was able to provide valuable information as to where increased amounts of waste are picked up”. The discussions also focused on how summer use and winter use varied and the challenges of winter collection.

The ten bins were placed in key locations including at trailheads (where more than one trail started), washrooms and children’s playgrounds. The garbage and recycling bin (container only) were twinned and placed side-by-side to encourage proper use and minimize cross contamination.

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