3. Vandalism

The potential for vandalism must be addressed when deciding on bin type. Bins located in remote or obscured areas can be subject to more vandalism. Some bin structures are more prone to vandalism than others; for example, round bins (e.g. drums) can be easily rolled and moved from their original location and plastic bags in wire mesh bins can be easily torn and tampered with.

In order to minimize vandalism, the bins may need to be bolted down to cement pads or chained to a wall or fence. Stainless steel bins may need to be used in locations that are subject to graffiti since these can be effectively cleaned using a paint thinning solution.

Shared Experience

City of St. Thomas – Public Space Recycling

st-thomas-hard-panel-binsAfter installing new recycling stations in its downtown business area, staff discovered that the bins could be easily vandalized. Initially, the containers were purchased with “soft fronts” so that the signage could be attached directly to the station, with no protective material behind the signage to protect it from being kicked in. Following a number of incidents in which the signage was kicked and damaged, staff contacted the vendor and were provided with a hard panel to place behind the sorting guide. The solution has worked.

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