Promotion & Education

Municipal blue box programs can make measurable strides in compliance and capture rates with good, consistent and effective P&E efforts. With that in mind, the CIF offers P&E resources that include:

P&E is a fundamental best practice for the blue box program, with a requirement for programs to operate with an appropriately planned, designed, and funded P&E plan. The P&E best practice requires that programs have an up-to-date communications plan with:

  • identified goals
  • measurable objectives
  • a program to monitor and evaluate the P&E

Promotion & Education Tools and Guidance

CIF offers resources to assist in developing and implementing P&E plans for recycling, particularly in smaller communities, and we plan to add to these offerings over the coming months.

In 2014 and 2015 we delivered two sessions of the P&E training course: 6 Steps to More Effective P&E Campaigns with hands-on, practical advice for municipal staff who include P&E in their responsibilities.

Many programs have also used the resources available in the “P&E Shop” to plan and develop P&E for their programs. The P&E Shop offered tools for smaller communities to develop blue box communications plans and provided communications materials templates as well as practical guidance to update and implement P&E plans for small programs. Stay tuned: we’ll be posting a streamlined version of the planning and guidance tools soon.

We also offer a tool kit focused on specialized P&E needs of multi-residential recycling. The kit includes posters, a signage template, a handbook and other useful items. Find out more here.

Visit the the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority’s InKind Advertising webpage to find out about the program and how you can use existing resources to support your P&E: Municipal InKind Advertising Program

For any concerns, questions or suggestions, please email Carrie Nash.