Practical Resources to Improve Your Program’s Multi-Residential Recycling

“What are other municipalities doing?” It’s a question that pops up often in the minds of those working the frontlines of the multi-residential (MR) recycling sector. At CIF Multi-Residential Working Group (MRWG) meetings, municipal representatives share local knowledge, experience and resources to leverage successes and overcome challenges specific to MR. The result of their active participation in this group is now available to all Ontario municipalities in the CIF Centre of Excellence section on Multi-Residential Recycling, and we thank every member for their dedication and hard work.

Images, images and more images

At the heart of this new resource is a P&E image gallery of over 50 materials! From bags and bins, to posters and guides, this visual experience is sure to spark ideas and importantly, save time (read: $$$), for those developing campaigns for their MR residents and property managers. In some cases, the graphic-ready files are available to adapt for your own program.

Does MR P&E work?

To help ensure it does, the webpages offer guidance on how to develop comprehensive P&E strategies . Tips and advice are given on how to set goals, set appropriate budgets, and identify the impact on capture. The MRWG have vetted their P&E materials through a step-by-step project template. The result is a selection of informative P&E Project Summaries.

Each P&E project summary covers one municipal outreach activity, its approximate delivery costs, modes of evaluation, and results achieved. These municipal P&E efforts have been documented and shared so that other MR programs can benefit and grow from the collective experience and learnings.

And…there’s more

In addition to sharing P&E material, MRWG members have contributed operational insight, management documents, and useful tools including a downloadable MR database and site visit template.

What’s Next?

The MRWG is now working on a critical tool to help guide municipalities with their MR decision-making in an EPR environment. The group is gathering data on municipal MR experience to develop a comprehensive best practices and cost allocation kit to support long term planning and budgeting.

If you haven’t visited yet, be sure to check out the new MR webpages. We’d love to know what you think of the content here – does it provide what you need? Is there anything missing? Please email your suggestions to Jessica Landry.

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