March 11, 2010

MRF Upgrade – Container Baler System

This project involved replacing Northumberland’s existing container baler which has been in operation since 1991. The new baler is expected to save Northumberland approximately $70K/year in reduced maintenance, labour and transportation costs while eliminating a production pinch point in the facility. This project is part of an ongoing effort to modernize this facility and reduce...

September 22, 2010


Ameresco Canada Inc. has been selected from one of three CIF pre-approved ESCO auditors to complete an energy efficiency study of the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre. The study will endeavour to identify opportunities for energy savings in the operation of the facility. Documents Final Report: Energy Assessment Report Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices | MRF |    

February 23, 2011

MRF Preventative Maintenance Audit

This project involved completing a due diligence audit of the Durham mrf to confirm that the current contract operator has been performing adequate preventative maintenance on the facility and to assess the current level for routine wear and tear that has been incurred since start up. The total cost of the project was $5000...

April 19, 2011

MRF Lighting Retrofit

Ottawa Valley completed an ESCO audit of their facility in 2010.  The audit demonstrated that the plant was working efficiently but could achieve savings of over $5,000/yr through a lighting upgrade.  Total cost of the project is expected to be approx $20k with CIF contributing up to 47% or $9,500. Documents Final...

April 19, 2011

MRF Operations Assessment

Assessment conducted of EWSWA’s existing container MRF operations to determine how best to add mixed plastics to their curbside recycling program as well as make recommendations on how to reduce residue and increase capture of existing materials. Documents Final Report: EWSWA Container MRF Review Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices | MRF |    

May 17, 2011

Ontario Blue Box Current State Fibre Study

With the recent loss of domestic ONP recycling markets, a review of the current state of the fibre markets was conducted in cooperation with Stewardship Ontario to determine if municipalities and their programs would be potentially compromised both financially and operationally.  This piece of work is expected to be the...

June 22, 2011

MRF Risk Analysis and Business Plan

In 2011, the City of Kingston hired AECOM to develop a risk analysis and business plan for a regional MRF.  This work followed the completion of CIF Project #367, entitled “Eastern Ontario Regional Diversion System Modelling Study” whereby AECOM was hired by the CIF to provide an analysis of an...

January 24, 2011


Rose Technology has been selected from CIF pre-approved ESCO auditors to complete an energy efficiency study of the City of Hamilton’s materials recycling facility. The study will endeavour to identify opportunities for energy savings in the operation of the facility. Documents Final Report: Energy Savings Assessment Blog Post Related Projects Project #427 Categories Best Practices | MRF |    

October 16, 2011

Hamilton MRF Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The City of Hamilton recently completed an energy savings review of its MRF operation (project 347) and plan to act on the recommendations of the study.  The proposed retrofits will cost over $500,000 after funding incentives from other agencies are considered.  The City is implementing a portion of the recommendation...

October 22, 2013

Peel Region MRF Upgrades

MRF upgrade to accommodate the introduction of Mixed Rigid Plastics and additional tonnage. The upgrade will significantly reduce residual rates while allowing the opportunity to harmonize the GTA Blue Box programs. Documents Final Report: Material Recovery Facility Upgrades Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices | MRF | Processing |    

July 21, 2010

MRF Upgrades

Efficient operations at the Armour Township MRF, located in the village of Burk’s Falls, was hampered by ongoing and increasingly expensive repairs to their skid steer and baler. The CIF has provided $12,000 or 25% of the funds required to replace the aged equipment to allow the Township to minimize...

January 31, 2011

MRF Weigh Scale

The Township of Strong has no weigh scales at its landfill or mrf. Purchase of a portable weigh scale will allow Township staff to confirm outgoing bale weights and revenue reimbursements from their broker. The CIF contributed 49% or $1,159 to this project. Documents Final Report: Recycling Innovations: Transfer Station Upgrade Blog Post Related Projects Project #581.11 Categories Best Practices...

August 9, 2010

Transfer Facility Upgrades

This application involves the installation of a portable conveyor and overhead magnetic separator to allow Strong Township to separate their ferrous and aluminum streams and secure improved market pricing. The project also includes expansion of the current Coverall style building to aid traffic flow of residents and operations and supporting funding to improve signage and customer...