End Markets

December 4, 2022

CIF Price Sheet Analysis

As Ontario municipalities begin to transition in July 2023, there is a real risk that the number of contributing municipalities will decline and could compromise the production of the Price Sheet. The CIF undertook an analysis of the CIF Ontario Price Sheet (CIF #1172) at an approximate cost of $5,750...

May 17, 2011

Ontario Blue Box Current State Fibre Study

With the recent loss of domestic ONP recycling markets, a review of the current state of the fibre markets was conducted in cooperation with Stewardship Ontario to determine if municipalities and their programs would be potentially compromised both financially and operationally.  This piece of work is expected to be the...

January 6, 2010

Plastics Project Support

Love Environmental was contracted to assist the CIF staff with coordination of various plastics related initiatives including development of the bi-monthly plastics teleconference calls for municipal stakeholders, project support related to the CIF’s thermoform and 3-7 plastics market development work and engagement activities with related stakeholders. Documents Project Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Categories Communication/Education | End Markets | Project...

May 14, 2009

Blue Box Plastics Recycling Enhancement Initiative RFP – Due Diligence

Environmental Business Consultants hired to conduct financial due diligence reviews on vendors selected through the “Blue Box Plastics Recycling Enhancement Initiative” RFP (CIF #127). Documents Project Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Project #127 Categories End Markets | MRF | Processing | Project Support |    

December 23, 2008

Blue Box Plastics Recycling Enhancement Initiative RFP – Distribution

In order to obtain the highest quality and most viable proposals, the Emerald Group was engaged to research, identify and distribute the Blue Box Plastics Recycling Enhancement Initiative RFP, developed under CIF #127, to potential proponents. Documents Project Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Project #127 Categories End Markets | MRF | Processing | Project Support |    

February 12, 2010

Plastics RFP

A pilot project to process up to 25,300 tonnes per year of mixed plastics from Ontario recycling programs. Funded jointly with Stewardship Ontario, this project aims to source ‘other plastics’ (i.e. beyond numbers 1 and 2) for reprocessing with innovative technologies that may lead to a long-term solution for municipalities. Entropex (Sarnia) and EFS Plastics...

August 15, 2009

Thermoset PET

Work with NAPCOR and Stewardship Ontario to evaluate processing alternatives for Thermoset PET. Documents Final Report: NAPCOR PET Thermoformed Packaging Recycling Initiative Blog Post Related Projects Project #175 Categories Emerging Technologies | End Markets | Processing |    

October 14, 2014

Online Markets Directory

Reclay StewardEdge is proposing a two phase project, firstly evaluating municipal interest in having such an online tool and determining if brokers would be willing to contribute to this directory.  The second phase is the actual development of the tool and some initial updating of the directory.  Reclay StewardEdge will...

September 4, 2015

Quinte Hot Cup Cost Analysis

This project involves determining the cost of managing hot beverage cups in a 2 stream MRF using various methodologies to arrive at the anticipated costs and better practices. The projected cost of the work will be approx. $29,000 and will be fully funded by CIF. Documents Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices | Contamination...

August 26, 2016

Bluewater Recycling Association – MRF Performance Study

A MRF performance study to determine the processing efficiency of the facility followed by an equipment maintenance study to cross reference operational performance with maintenance records to verify upkeep, repair and replacement efforts needed to meet current and future needs. Documents Final Report: Material Recovery Facility Mass Balance and Efficiency Study Blog Post April...

April 21, 2016

Plastics Market Analysis

The closure of Entropex in the summer of 2016 raised concerns about the stability of the current BB plastics markets.  This project was commissioned by the CIF at a cost of under $20,000 to provide municipalities with up to date info on current markets and their stability. Documents Final Report: Status of...

February 5, 2018

Plastics Market Update

Subsequent to introduction of the Green Fence by China, LOM consulting was contracted to complete a review of current plastics markets to assess the risk to MRF operators. Documents Final Report:  The Status of the Markets for Post-Consumer Plastic Packaging Recycling in the USA and Canada Blog Post May 11, 2018: Market Trends for...