July 21, 2011

Contract Database Migration and Redesign

In 2011, the CIF retained the services of MacMillan Marketing Group to revamp the CIF Contract Database. The work included relocating the database to a new server and redesigning the appearance. Documents Project Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Categories Contracts | Project Support |    

January 12, 2020

Generic Contingency Plan Guide

A number of municipalities encountered serious service failures in 2019.  As a result, the CIF was asked to prepare guidance materials on how to develop and implement a contingency plan. Documents  CIF Contingency Plan Guide for Service Disruptions Blog Post April 16, 2020: Guide for Developing a Waste Management Service Contingency Plan now available Related...

October 1, 2018

Contract Management Support

This project seeks to provide contract management support to Drummond-North Elmsley as they transition to a dual stream program. Documents Synopsis Blog Post August 30, 2018: Two Stream Collection as a Solution to Troublesome Fiber Markets March 1, 2019: Performance impacts: Changing to two stream collection February 1, 2019: Big program change is possible! Related Projects Categories Centre of...

January 1, 2021

2021 Procurement & Contract Management Support Services

CIF continues to offer support services associated with procurement and contract management activities.  A budget of $30,000 has been set aside in 2021 to assist municipalities preparing to transition contracted services. Documents Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contracts | Procurement | Transition |    

December 13, 2012

Contract Management Course

This project involves development and delivery of a one day course on contract management for municipal staff dealing with contracts. The course is an abridged version of the 2 day contract management course developed under the E&E fund and was consolidated based on feedback received from municipal staff. The cost...

September 16, 2015

Contract Support Services

A project to assist Brant County with drafting a new collection/processing RFP. Documents Synopsis Final Report: 2017 Collection Contract Preparation Blog Post July 21, 2017: Brant County RFP Success Story Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contracts | Procurement |    

June 1, 2018

RFP and Contract Support

This project involved providing municipalities with support to develop RFPs and contracts with the potential for transition to IPR in mind and assisting those dealing with contract management issues resulting from current market conditions. Documents Synopsis Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contracts | Procurement |    

July 20, 2018

Transitional Contract Clause Development for aBBPP

Provision of assistance to M3RC (thru AMO) and other stakeholders in the development of transitional contract clauses for use in support of the proposed aBBPP. Documents Synopsis Blog Post April 4, 2019: Contract Clauses to Prepare Municipalities for Transition Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contracts | Procurement |    

July 27, 2018

Collection/Processing Contract Evaluation and MRF Impact Analysis

This project seeks to support the City of Cornwall with their recyclable material collection process and MRF processing by identifying the gaps and opportunities for improvement. This includes applicable activities and contract language required to provide efficient and effective operations by a contractor(s). This project will also assist the City...

June 9, 2015

RFP Support – City of Peterborough

A project to assist the City and County of Peterborough with joint RFP development and current contract assistance. Documents Final Report: RFP Development Draft RFP: Collection and Transportation of Recyclable Material Blog Post April 18, 2016: Success in Establishing New Contracts in a Time of Change Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contracts | MRF | Procurement...