September 15, 2015

MRF Residue Reduction Initiative

This project involves an initial analysis of Quinte’s MRF to determine the source and value of its residue followed by a possible second phase capital investment to reduce residue levels where cost effective. The Phase One analysis will examine the source of Quinte’s residual levels and develop options for...

September 14, 2016

Mixed Waste Processing Technology Feasibility Analysis

The City of Toronto will carry out a business case analysis of a Mixed Waste Processing (MWP) or ‘dirty MRF’ approach for the management of their increasingly contaminated recycling stream, particularly materials collected through the Multi-Residential (MRes) program. Documents Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contamination | MRF | Multi-Residential |...

October 7, 2015

Peel Multi-Residential Residue Management Plan & P&E Campaign

A multi-faceted P&E campaign to address MR residue issues.  Posters, lobby displays, door hangers and building newsletters will be employed to educate residents about the most prevalent contamination problems: 1) Blue Box material inside a tied plastic bag, and 2) tied and loose unsolicited materials. P&E will address proper...

March 21, 2018

Sault Ste. Marie Curbside Cart Contamination Analysis

An analysis of cross contamination and residual levels in Sault Ste. Marie’s split cart program. Documents Final Report: Sault Ste. Marie Single Family Residential Curbside Audit & Inbound Recycling Audit Blog Post August 2, 2018: Sault Ste. Marie and GFL Celebrate 5 Successful Years with Split-Body Cart Recycling Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Composition...

September 14, 2016

Multi-Residential Curotto Can Collection Vehicles

Expand collection services to all multi-residential sites in the City of Guelph to improve diversion in a cost contained manner and test the efficacy of curotto can vehicles as a tool for early detection and correction of contamination issues in cart-based programs. Documents Final Report: Multi-Residential Recycling Utilizing a Curotto Can...

July 27, 2018

Covered Bins Evaluation

Testing of a new roll-off container bin cover system to determine weight impacts of moisture laden fiber products and snow/ice content in depot collected materials. Documents Final Report: Evaluation of Roll-Off Bin Covers Blog Post February 21, 2020: Processing cost savings with covered bins Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contamination | Depots |    

August 12, 2019

Definition of Inbound Contamination & Impact Analysis

This study will help to develop a better understanding of what constitutes contamination and seek to develop a fair compensation mechanism for defined changes to contamination levels. This information is expected to aid municipalities in effective contract development and management and communicating a consistent, evidence-based response to compensation requests...

July 14, 2017

Collection Contamination Analysis

This study examines the relative costs to manage Blue Box contamination at the curb using driver labour versus at the MRF using sorter labour. Documents Final Report: Recycling Contamination Study Summary of Findings Blog Post September 6, 2018: CIF Explores Curbside Contamination Reduction in Barrie Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Contamination |    

October 15, 2015

Cart Program Residue Management Plan & Toolkit

Temiskaming Shores is implementing an enhanced residue management strategy.  The P&E tactics will remind residents of the new municipal by-law which permits the contractor to leave behind overly contaminated carts and City staff to levy fines against repeat offenders. Documents Final Report: Cart Program Residue Management Plan & Toolkit Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre...

August 1, 2018

Multi-Residential Contamination Abatement P&E Campaign

A study designed to quantify the extent to which the approach of repeated P&E messaging brings residents into alignment with the requested set out behaviour at multi-residential buildings to minimize residue rates and lower blue box costs. A cost benefit analysis will be completed.  If the approach proves to...