September 15, 2015

Relaunch Blue Boxes

Harmonization of regional program. Relaunch program with a one time distribution of 60,000 large capacity boxes to residents. Documents Final Report: Relaunch of Blue Box Program Blog Post Related Projects Project #937 Categories Best Practices | Collection Containers | P&E |    

May 10, 2016

Collection Cost Model Analysis

The CIF has made development of cost allocation models a priority to assist municipalities in the accurate development of information for planning purposes. This project is intended to ‘ground truth’ a model developed by CIF for determination of collection costs which represents the majority of Blue Box operating costs....

June 28, 2016

Hastings Highlands RFP Support

Assist with drafting/issue of new recycling collection/processing RFP and conversion of 9 local depots to front end load service. Documents Synopsis RFP: Waste and Recycling Haulage and Recycling Processing Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Procurement |    

January 1, 2018

Online RFP Course

This project involves transferring the existing CIF RFP training course into an online format to facilitate access to course materials for remote stakeholders. Documents Blog Post Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Procurement | Training |    

July 19, 2019

Analysis of Variability in Waste Composition Studies by RPRA Datacall Grouping

The CIF co-funds waste composition studies across the province annually with Stewardship Ontario.  This project will analyze completed waste composition studies to determine if there is sufficient variability to warrant continued sampling from each of the nine RPRA Datacall groups. Documents Final Report: Analysis of Variability in Waste Composition Studies by...

October 7, 2015

Peel Multi-Residential Residue Management Plan & P&E Campaign

A multi-faceted P&E campaign to address MR residue issues.  Posters, lobby displays, door hangers and building newsletters will be employed to educate residents about the most prevalent contamination problems: 1) Blue Box material inside a tied plastic bag, and 2) tied and loose unsolicited materials. P&E will address proper...

September 15, 2015

Transfer Station Activity Based Costing Analysis

A financial review and rate setting analysis relating to positioning Timmins as a regional hub for recyclable materials.  This performance audit is designed to determine the useful life remaining in the system and current value. Documents Final Report: Costing Analysis for Transfer Station Recycling Activities Blog Post September 9, 2016: Activity Based Costing...

September 28, 2015

Single Stream Conversion, P&E Support Campaign

Oxford County multi-media P&E campaign to support the transition to single stream, expanded list of targeted materials and increased collection frequency starting in September 2015.  A significant focus of the campaign will be residue management, which is critical to the successful introduction of a single stream program. Documents Final Report: Oxford...

Small Community Recycling Promotion & Education

CIF assisted small municipalities with promotion and education to promote recycling programs. These projects commenced between 2010 and 2013 and were completed between 2011 and 2016. Documents Addington Highlands, Township of (#503.10) Admaston/Bromley, Township of (#522.10) Alfred and Plantagenet, Township of (604.12) Bancroft, Town of (#607.12) Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan, Township of (#612.12) Casselman, Village of (#571.10) ...

March 21, 2018

Sault Ste. Marie Curbside Cart Contamination Analysis

An analysis of cross contamination and residual levels in Sault Ste. Marie’s split cart program. Documents Final Report: Sault Ste. Marie Single Family Residential Curbside Audit & Inbound Recycling Audit Blog Post August 2, 2018: Sault Ste. Marie and GFL Celebrate 5 Successful Years with Split-Body Cart Recycling Related Projects Categories Centre of Excellence | Composition...

January 12, 2020

Generic Contingency Plan Guide

A number of municipalities encountered serious service failures in 2019.  As a result, the CIF was asked to prepare guidance materials on how to develop and implement a contingency plan. Documents  CIF Contingency Plan Guide for Service Disruptions Blog Post April 16, 2020: Guide for Developing a Waste Management Service Contingency Plan now...

June 7, 2017

MRF Options Analysis

With passage of the Waste Free Ontario Act, Peterborough, like many municipal MRF operators, undertook an options analysis for their facility.  The CIF provided up to $40,000 towards assisting the City with this work. Documents Final Report: Peterborough MRF Conversion Options Blog Post Related Projects Categories Best Practices | MRF | Planning |