Best Practices

#977 EPR Activity Based Costing Model

This project will provide Toronto with an accurate account of its’ total cost of blue box services; outline a number of the key considerations during implementation and transition to EPR; and provide Activity Based Costing tools for use in Toronto and across the Province. Project # 977 Proponent City of Toronto CIF Funding $250,000 Documents EPR Analysis...

#1034 Cost Allocation Field Test

The goal of this project is to field test existing CIF costing tools to determine program costs and then design internal accounting controls required for municipalities to actively track and report these costs. Project # 1034 Proponent Municipality of Huron Shores CIF Funding $15,000 Documents Final Report: Small Municipality Full Cost Accounting Toolkit Small Municipality Full Cost Accounting...

#974 Bancroft Depot Upgrades – Compactors

Depot infrastructure upgrades, signage and installation of two stationary compactors to replace 40 yd. roll-off bins at Dungannon depot to reduce shipping costs. Project # 974 Proponent Town of Bancroft CIF Funding $68,150 Documents Final Report: Dungannon Waste Disposal Site Upgrades

#966 Depot Upgrades – Compactors

This project will save shipping costs by compacting 2 stream recyclable materials. Compacting increases the tonnage per load and reduces the annual number of loads shipped to the MRF. Project # 966 Proponent Municipality of Highlands East CIF Funding $39,410 Documents Final Report: Highlands East Depot Upgrades

#973 Development of ABC Tools and Transitional Strategies

A project to produce checklists, tools and/or asset valuation methodologies applicable to non-standard program operating structures designed to have Province-wide value for those groups, as well as conventional municipal programs operating non-contract, in-house, waste diversion programs. Project # 973 Proponent City of Guelph CIF Funding $50,000 Documents Final Report: Municipally Operated MRFs: Blueprint for Full Producer Responsibility Transition

#814.3 Compactor Units & Bins

Fort Frances proposes the installation of two compaction units and the purchase of 4 forty cubic yard compactor bins to accommodate their single stream blue box materials for shipment to the MRF in Winnipeg.  This arrangement will also simplify depot and transfer operations, avoiding issues with outside storage of...

#830.3 Solar Compactor Retrofit

This project is a small retrofit to one of the solar compaction systems at the Township of Whitestone’s busiest depots to address wintertime battery draw down issues. If successful, it will reduce generator operating costs and provide information of value to similar systems across Ontario. The cost of the...