Generic Container Small Order Program

bagpic1Generic Container Small Order Program

There is a minimum order quantity for purchasing recycling carts (200) and reusable bags (3,000) from suppliers through the CIF CCPP. To assist those who cannot meet these minimum order quantities, CIF established the Generic Container Small Order Program (GCSOP). Through the GCSOP, purchases of generic recycling carts or reusable bags of any quantity can be made.

CIF will work with the suppliers and stakeholders to organize semi-annual order calls. Through the order call process, orders will be combined to meet the minimum quantity order requirements. The first order call for 2018 is tentatively scheduled for September.

  • A generic container will feature no municipal specific information
  • Containers purchased through the GCSOP are eligible for the CIF Subsidy Program
  • CIF will distribute notification of the Order Call to our mailing list – so be sure to subscribe here

For more information, please contact CIF Staff.