CCPP Request for Tenders (2018)

CCPP Request for Tenders (2018)

The CCPP was established to secure fixed pricing for containers used in Blue Box programs through best practice competitive procurement.  The pricing secured is extended to all Blue Box program operators in Ontario. Each participating Municipality/First Nation retains its own separate corporate status and the responsibility of contracting directly with suppliers for container purchases.  The CIF, as the issuer of the Request for Tenders (RFT), is not an agent of, partner to or representative of these entities and is not obligated or liable for any action or debts that may arise out of this cooperative procurement.

For 2018, the RFTs for blue boxes, recycling carts, and reusable bags were issued on Monday April 30 and the bid submission period closed on Wednesday May 23rd. Companies bidding on the RFTs were required to submit bids representing products that met the best practice criteria for each container as outlined in the RFT documents.

Submissions for the recycling carts & reusable bags RFTs which met all the best practice criteria and provided the lowest average unit price, including the cost of freight, were awarded the work. The blue boxes RFT included two portions to be awarded:

  • the lowest average unit price, including freight; and
  • the best combination of price and post-consumer resin sourced from the Ontario Residential Blue Box Program.

The award of the RFTs was announced on June 20, 2018. The 2018 RFT documents are available for download, below:

Blue Box: Parts A & B | Part C – Form of Tender | Blue Box Tender Addenda 1-3

Blue Cart: Parts A & B | Part C – Form of Tender | Blue Cart Tender Addenda 1-4

Reusable Bag: Parts A & B | Part C – Form of Tender | Reusable Bag Tender Questions & Answers | Reusable Bag Tender Addenda 1-3

For more information regarding the 2018 CIF RFT process, please contact CIF Staff