Ontario Recycler Workshop Resources: Available for a limited time

This year marked the 25th time that municipal staff and other experts stepped up to share their up to the minute insights on  issues facing the Blue Box program service providers at the Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW). Each speaker carefully crafted presentations to ensure that the full house of participants would walk away armed with guidance and ideas to implement as soon as they arrived back to their home sites. We thank every speaker for your hard work and for sharing your insights at ORW!

From start to finish here are some of the top questions this year’s event addressed. You can use this as your guide to go in and listen to the free webcast archive or review the presentations.

Are your collection or processing agreements up for renewal?

Or do you need a refresher on contracting better practices?  Paula Lombardi of Siskinds LLP provided an overview of critical contract clauses to include to prepare for legislative changes. It’s not ‘legal advice’ but it’s valuable information, that combines with ‘in the trenches’ information from panelists on developing new contracts and RFPs. See: RFPs & Contracts: Procurement in Times of Uncertainty (12.4 MB)

Data really does matter – and here’s how to get it and work with it

We’re all managing reams of data – but do you know what information you really need and how can you work with it? Find out about the City of Barrie’s initiative to identify financial implications with a modelling exercise that’s helping them them chart a path forward, complete with financial forecasts.

Concerned that the day to day is being neglected while everyone focussing on the anticipated changes that lie ahead? Worried about maintaining the cost effectiveness and growing diversion rates while awaiting legislative announcements? Hear Rachel Vaillancourt, Senior Environmental Engineer from Waterloo Region share emerging better practices for capital spending and assessing return on investment during these times that are less certain than we’d like. See: Data Needs & Program Management (5.4 MB)

We’re all dealing with changing market conditions

Deepen your understanding of the underlying issues that precipitated a sudden upward shift in processing costs and declining performance in addition to receiving guidance on how to mitigate against their long-term implications. Industry experts on the final panel helped ground truth market trends and provide advice on operational changes to tamp down spending in these areas while improving opportunities to secure homes for commodities. See: Responding to Changing Market Conditions (20.4 MB)

And, important information from our partners….Blue box program transition & more

Wonder what’s happening with transition? Check out “Partners panel” for details on how to provide input into the regulation development for MHSW and WEEE, insights into the Stewards perspective on transitioning to Full Producer Responsibility (FPR) and their commitment to driving up post consumer resin use in their packaging. You’ll also find a recap of M3RCs proposed 5-year plan to shift responsibility from municipalities to producers and it’s all important information. See: CIF & Partner Updates (16.6 MB)

ORW archive: valuable content curated for Ontario program staff

“I’ve gone into the CIF’s ORW archives in the past to remind myself of details that I wanted to bring to our municipal waste group in Lanark County.  My notes generally reflect the overall concepts that struck me as most relevant, but I go back to the slides to get company names, contacts, statistics – the more specific detail that I need to include in updates to colleagues or reports to council.  The information in the presentation slide decks really is useful. I count on the CIF to do the homework that I never have time to do! It’s a great source of information.” Cathie Green, Public Works Assistant, Drummond/North Elmsley

The CIF ORW Archive is a treasure trove of learning and it’s available, for free, just for the next few months. We hope you and your colleagues will go back to the points you want to hear again, or even listen in for the first time. This is material you won’t find anywhere else and it’s current, top of mind content that’s prepared specifically by and for Ontario Blue Box recyclers. To make it easy to find what you want, the  archive is broken into segments (by panel), and the controls allow you to navigate through the various speakers quickly and home in on exactly the content you want to look at and, or hear. Visit: 2019 ORW Archive

The last word goes to ORW participants….we’d like to hear from you

If you attended this year’s event in person or by webcast,  please give us your feedback! We’re already refining our implementation strategies for this year’s Operation Plan and looking ahead to next year. Fill out the form or pick up the phone and give us a call to let us know where we can help! Please complete: ORW Feedback Form