One-Stop Shopping for EPR Transition Information

In Ontario, the transition to establish a full Extended Producer Responsibility program to manage Blue Box Recycling under the Waste-Free Ontario Act is well underway and picking up steam. The new approach will mean different things for different programs but it’s bound to impact us all. With this certainty comes a responsibility to keep up to date on key initiatives, decisions and developments. The CIF has added a new section to its website to keep stakeholders apprised of these developments in the Blue Box Transition support pages.

New Resources from the CIF

The new pages are found in the CIF’s Centre of Excellence section (replacing the former “Resources” section). In this section, we provide links to valuable EPR information from the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA), from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and Stewardship Ontario (SO). Each of these organizations is a vital piece of the EPR puzzle and we want to ensure that it’s easy for CIF stakeholders to access information about consultation meetings, documents and everything that’s available to keep informed on the changes that are in process.

CIF Projects for EPR Transition: There is  Much More Information to Come

When you review the Blue Box Transition report pages, you’ll see we have six projects in progress that are seeking to develop practical information that will be valuable to all types and sizes of blue box recycling programs, as they consider options through the transition process. This information is not yet complete but we’re offering up a taste of what’s to come now, so you can be aware of it.

There are several models that focus on evaluating and addressing cost implications of various aspects of your programs. Some are in progress and, as shown on the page, we are actively seeking volunteers to help field test these models.

We urge you to review all of these materials critically, to let us know if what the CIF is offering, meets your needs and/or if we can provide other items that may be of value to your program.

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Additionally, we ask you to take a few minutes now to complete the CIF 2018 Municipal Needs Survey to help guide CIF in allocating our resources to deliver more of what you need in 2018. The survey is anonymous, but we’ll do a random draw of respondents who leave their name in the comments box for a $10 Tim Hortons gift card. Of course…if you already completed it but need to add your name, just send along an email to CIF Communications.

For More Information

CIF staff members are available to address your questions at any time and we encourage you to contact any of us. If we think your question is best suited to be addressed by outside of the CIF, we will also be happy to point you in that direction. Contact CIF staff.

To provide suggestions re: additional information to add to this site, contact CIF Communications.